Skateboarder and community organizer Briana King (@brianaking) creates safe spaces in skateboarding for women and queer folk. “Representation is everything. If we want a better world we need to continue to inspire, and that comes from within the community,” says Briana. “I would’ve never started skating if it wasn’t for other Black women on skateboards. I found a crew of girls in New York that were very welcoming and made me comfortable. I had always wanted to skate but never saw anybody that looked like me.” Briana founded Display Only (@display.only) in 2018 to facilitate local skate meetups and encourage women and the LGBTQ+ community to learn, practice and hang out. “I skate purely for fun. I have no expectations but to have fun and be the best skateboarder that I can be. It's beautiful to have something in my life that I only want to have fun with,” says Briana. “I love the challenge of learning something new. It’s mental and physical. I go to sleep thinking about how I could use my body better to perfect a trick, I love that I can think about it all day long.” Reel by @brianaking

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